Equipment Loan

Equipment Loan – Sale

Using our 15 years of experience we have built fully equipped mobile tank entry kits for loan to our customer. These kits are based near London Heathrow with our partners Airspares 2000 and so can be dispatched on a 24/7 basis (AOG or Planned).

The kits contain everything needed by your mechanics, be it for smallest to the largest of tank entry tasks. Kits contain quick venting system, gas meter, pressure testing systems for locating leak entry points, intrinsically safe lighting, sealant scrapers & sealant gun etc.

A plentiful supply of new consumable tank suits, new face masks and spare life indicating fillers are included also. Loan is for a small, fixed fee and we are able to supply these kits for sale also. Kits include generic “work permits” and a set of EASA approved regulations for guidance to aid the safety of the mechanics.

Dispatch by Aerospares 2000 - LHR 24/7

ISO 9001-2015 Certified. Afast Aero Is An England & Wales Registered Company - Number 11320368

Afast Aero Equipment Kit

Intrinsically safe lighting – Blow back & Pressure testing equipment

Afast Aero Equipment Kit

Gas meter – Fuel tank tooling – Sealant removal tools

Afast Aero Equipment Kit

Vent system – Tank suits – New breathing masks (SML) – Supply of new life indicating filters – Tank entry work permits & regulations for guidance